Elected as the MP for Jonquière in October 2015, Karine Trudel was a mail carrier and the president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean since 2007.

Karine showed strong leadership when she fought to protect workers’ jobs in the region and services for families – which were put at risk by the Conservative government’s cuts.

Recognizing that cuts to services for Canadians directly affected the region’s economy, Karine decided to make the leap to political action and run for the NDP in 2015.

As a key member of the NDP team, Karine is determined to protect jobs and the region’s economy – and respond to the concerns of people and their families in Jonquière.

A social science college graduate, Karine studied administration at university before making the leap to Canada Post. Her determination and social engagement go back to her early childhood, when her grandmother introduced her to volunteerism by donating food and clothing to the most vulnerable in her community.

Karine is very close to the people in her community and listens to their concerns. A single mother with two children, Karine is ready to face challenges and deliver results for her constituents.